Cloud application development

Technoton Engineering is your outsourcing partner for development & building scalable & customized server based applications for startups and enterprises across the globe.

We build solutions and server-side applications that take full advantage of incoming data, support you with the expertise in measuring and telematics systems. Technoton Engineering expertise in cloud application development includes designing, building, maintaining, and support in growing your cloud-based business.

Expert domains

Vehicle Telematics

Key tasks: fleet management, asset tracking, machines operational parameters monitoring, CAN bus data online monitoring

vehicle telematics cloud application development

Connectivity & Telematics. Accelerate vehicle connectivity with IoT, sensor data processing, robust cloud infrastructure to ensure connected car experience.

Automotive backend systems. Enhance your performance with cloud-based application which efficiently aggregates and analyzes mass of vehicle data.

Measuring Systems

Key tasks: remote metering, IoT sensor & meter analytics, smart grids monitoring

measuring system cloud application development

Smart Sensors. Optimize processes through intelligent equipment maintenance, data collection from sensors and their analysis in real-time.

Smart Metering. Enable valuable applications such as automated metering infrastructure, remote resource monitoring, tampering and theft prevention, leaks detection.


Cloud solution consulting

Let our cloud development experts to analyze your project requirements, current business processes, and to propose an optimal architecture with implementation strategy for you.

Software management

We create a flexible management panel to configure your future application and to connect with desired microservices.

Cloud deployment

We provide an expert view on all the hardware and software components that are needed, including work with networking equipment, servers, data storage and data bases.

Cloud software maintenance

A dedicated team of technicians keeps guard 24/7 to detect any functionality problem or performance bottlenecks.

cloud application development

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