Fog / Edge computing platform for vehicle telematics

Vehicle telematics platform with Fog / Edge computing paradigm and wide customization opportunities.

Vehicle telematics platform helps to reach goal of complete device development in 0 – 3 months and serial production launch. Platform can be used for devices working in measuring, diagnostics and telematics IoT systems with special requirements to data processing intelligence, data validation, measuring accuracy, reliability.

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Fog / Edge computing platform for vehicle telematics  
Differences from traditional GPS trackers
  • In-build signal processing – calibration, filtration, linearization
  • Data validation and processing with 0.1s resolution
  • Events detection – emergency braking, suspension breakdown, loading / unloading etc
  • Flexible reports supporting up to 3000 vehicle operation parameters
  • User reports are transmitted to a Cloud or directly to e-mail
  • Modular embedded software (IoT Burger™ technology) for fast development and customization
  • System scalability (S6 technology), up to 64 additional units – digital and analog sensors, CAN gateways, displays etc

Vehicle telematics platform market

Next generation GPS trackers build on Fog / Edge telematics platform are demanded for:

  • Sophisticated technological machines monitoring in agricultural, construction, mining etc
  • Monitoring of vehicle operating conditions during the warranty period
  • IIoT systems for complex industrial facilities
  • Insurance telematics
  • Automotive, marine, river transport fleet management systems

Partnership and Application

Technoton Engineering proposes flexible partnership ways on how to apply its solutions.


Startup projects with small batch productionWe offer to use our ready hardware platform with embedded software. That doesn`t need any investments and most suitable for the 1st product commercialization.

Small or middle scale productionIn this case ODM model will fit best of all, because hardware & software will be customized by us to meet requirements, your logo and trademarks can be put on a product and there is no need in investments in IP.

Mass market product. This way require investments in IP, but customer will have a pack of documentation for in-house PCB production and ready embedded software (firmware). That allows decrease a product cost and keeps the whole project in one hand.

Technoton Engineering is ready to carry out desired hardware and software customizations in any way of partnership.