Product manufacturing

Technoton Engineering is your partner from development to manufacturing, bringing your products to market and supporting them during the lifecycle. Corporate values, quality and reliability, expertise, experience and commitment to your desired result ensure you can manufacture and bring your product to market.

We enable you to accomplish your business goals by supporting your entire product development lifecycle. Focused on partnering with you rather than just delivering: we are by your side, every step of the way even if it is a single step in innovative product development.

We offer our customers from industrial and automotive fields a comprehensive service for their electronic products. We assume responsibility for the production of your product, from material procurement and logistics through to device assembly, sales packaging and automated labelling of your equipment and systems.

Electronic manufacturing services include:

PCB assembly

The production process uses both manual assembly of printed circuit boards, and lines for the automatic installation and soldering of surface-mounted components. In total, our facilities are targeted on prototype and low volumes manufacturing.

Cable and interface supply

Our company is engaged in the supply chain of most popular types of cables. Automatic measuring and wire stripping machines are used to reduce cost and the share of manual labor.

PCB assembly service
Cable and interface supply service
CNC machinery

We solve complex technical tasks associated with high-precision machining: fulfilling tolerances in hundredths and thousandths of a millimeter or manufacturing parts of special shape.

Putting protective coating

Moisture-proof coatings on printed circuit boards is the most optimal technology to ensure the reliability of the operation in harsh climatic conditions and under the influence of other aggressive factors. We use methods like immersion, brush application and selective coating.

CNC machinery service
Putting protective coating service
Testing and quality control

We carry out testing after a prototype is developed. This stage includes verification of the conformity of the properties, parameters and characteristics of materials, semi-finished products and finished products to standards and technical conditions at all stages of product manufacturing.


We take care of individual product packaging for buyer first look impression and to prevent your product from machanical damage during transportation.

Testing and end quality control service
Packaging service

We take into consideration all cycle from electronic components supply chain to optimization of ready products trasportation.

After-sales services

After-sales support is a team of qualified engineers with experience in manufacturing launch, as well as technical details for possible product functionality upgrade. Our engineers work closely with electronic components manufacturers and therefore have knowledge of relevant features and issues of your product.

Logistics service
After-sales services