S7 Technology

S7 technology is used in wireless sensors to collect and to transmit data via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy).

The technology is developed and marketed by Technoton Engineering. Today, it is widely used to develop stand-alone battery powered sensors for automotive and industrial network connectivity.

Three distinctive feature that make S7 technology unique

  1. It`s easily to interconnect networks using wireless communication
  2. Authorized personal has mobile access for maintenance, configuration and service
  3. It`s a bridge to connect moving or rotating parts

Where is S7 technology used?

Vehicle telematics remains the main market for S7 technology. Today, more and more sensors rely on wireless communication.

As communication is becoming increasingly important in other areas like plants and infrastructure, oils and gas mining, utilities S7 technology is entering new markets.

Off-the-shelf features that are ready to be integrated when S7 technology is used:

  • Simultaneous operation of various 99 sensors in one network
  • Protection from wireless attacks
  • Low power consumption may reach estimated battery life for 11 years
  • High request frequency of a sensor - from 5 sec
  • Working distance from 15 to 100 meters
  • Temperature range from -55 to +85C°

Other features may be developed or customized at request.

Solutions where S7 technology is implemented