Smart level sensor electronic module

A ready technology for smart level sensor development with a modular architecture and wide customization opportunities.

Electronic module can be used for fast development in 0-3 month and serial production launch of smart level sensor based on your primary measuring technology. Solution is used for stand-alone applications with built-in GSM communication (IoT level sensor) and also for devices working in measuring, diagnostics and telematics IoT systems with tailored requirements to output interfaces, secondary data conversion, measuring accuracy, design reliability.

Smart level sensor electronic module

Features of level sensor electronic module

  • Build-in data reliability ensuring system (self-diagnostics, settings and counters authorization access, identification and registration of tampering attempts)
  • Secondary signal conversion (linearization, filtration, thermal correction)
  • Operation modes define (separate meters for different modes, event determination)
  • Wired network with digital data transmission, data sending to a IoT platform
  • Automation of technological processes (group configuration, calibration, verification)

Time-tested hardware & software solution is used to accurately measure in real time the volume of liquid or bulk substances in the tank. Based on the data of the primary measurement, it performs filtering and validation of data, pre-configured processing of data by built-in algorithms, accumulation and sending of data to the cloud or to the user.

Designed for heavy duty operation (temperature, vibration, electromagnetic interference).

The built-in thermal compensation mechanism allows to take into account the temperature changes of the measured environment to obtain accurate data.

Designed on IoT Burger

  • Reducing the requirements for server applications + saving on the development of analytical software
  • Ability to completely refuse from server software
  • Definite data interpretation (firmware, server representation, documentation)
  • Rapid functionality build-up for special requests
  • Build-in data reliability ensuring system
  • Adapted and tested for work in difficult conditions
  • The ability to build a model line on a single hardware platform due to flexible settings

Smart level sensor by Technoton EngineeringSmart level sensor electronic module solution set includes detailed design documentation, a user manual template, a software pack for configuration and status control.

Developed to be compatible to S6 technology: any peripheral devices that have an interface S6 (other flowmeters, level sensors, telematics gateways and etc.) can be connected.

Purchase of the Smart level sensor electronic module is usually accompanied with the following services, depending on the client's needs:

  • level meter house development
  • hardware customization (adding interfaces, changing the power supply, selection of a communication module)
  • adapting the embedded software
  • making samples
  • verification tests