Universal IIoT module

Univesal IIoT module - compact module based on IoT Burger™ technology, designed for integration into industrial and household smart sensors and other IoT devices.

Devices where IIoT module can be used are water, gas, heat, volume, level, pressure, etc. flow meters.

The integration of IIoT module into existing sensor design makes it a smart one. Programming IIoT module consists in tuning by means of a special utility program. IIoT module is a 5-8 cm2 PCB board with 32-bit ARM processor, wire interfaces, GPS, real-time clock, flash memory, modem and other necessary hardware. Data transfer to the cloud in IIoT module is organized via 2G, 3G, NB-IoT, LTE Cat M1 technologies.

Universal IIoT module application

Universal IIoT module base

  • Our technologies and know-how in the embedded software architecture, on-board data processing, network sensor operation, calibration and verification
  • Technologies are tested in real life
  • There is a basic client
  • A team of like-minded people with extensive experience working together in the development of sensors, telematics devices, auto electronics, metrology

Market size and potential

  • Millions of devices in a year in the fields of vehicle telematics, industrial measurement. At price of 20-100 euro for a module (depending on the type of wireless interface and the number of measuring channels), the market can be estimated at 50-200 million pcs per year. As the networks of NB-IoT, Lora and IoT platforms (Amazon AWS, Google IoT Core, Microsoft Azure, etc.) grow in 2020-25 years the market will increase tens and hundreds times comparing to markets of connected cars, smart home (the number of household water meters and electricity is comparable with the number of people)
  • IIoT module key advantages are more progressive software, cheaper hardware platform, knowledge base of developing specific sensors for harsh environment
  • Product line can be faster and cheaper development due to the use of ready-made libraries