Custom IoT hardware platform

Custom IoT hardware platform is for automotive, marine and industrial telematics IoT device development projects, where reliability from the 1st prototype and fast development time are required.

By our in-house team, we develop low-power IoT hardware platform on industrial grade components, using fog/edge computing to deliver processed data to a cloud / local server / end-user.

Custom IoT hardware

Some IIoT hardware features and options:

  • 32-bit ARM microprocessor Cortex M4 family
  • Analog, RS-232/485, CAN bus, K-Line, 1-wire, USB
  • Modbus, J1939, NMEA 2000, TCP/IP, FTP
  • 2G, 3G, LTE, NB-IoT, BLE, WiFi
  • GNSS
  • Battery powered or combined power supply
  • EMC
  • -45C°...+85C°


Modular – Verified – Hardware & Software ready – IoT device prototype in 1-4 weeks

With our custom IoT hardware platform, a new IoT device development from an idea to product launch is as fast as it could be. Recent requests for IoT design and engineering show that platform is 70-80% ready for most new projects and 20-30% is to be customized to specific requirements. It`s up to you to choose sensor inputs, interfaces, protocols, connectivity and we advise you the way how to turn a sketch into a commercially successful smart IoT device.

Cutting edge off-the-shelf functionality for a SMART IOT DEVICE development project

Custom IoT hardware platform already includes real-time OS and a library of subprograms. The library is updated regularly to be more functional, universal and smart. We solve all tasks regarding IoT embedded software development.

Embedded software library:

  • Electronic passport
  • Authorization access
  • Onboard power control
  • Onboard clock
  • GNSS and geo-fencing
  • Primary raw signal converter
  • Analytics based on sensor data
  • Events detection and notifications
  • Self-diagnostics and predictive maintenance
  • Report configurator
  • Communication settings
  • Drivers


Connectivity - Wired | Wireless | Web server | E-mail

Custom IoT hardware platform with its modular architecture supports most popular communication interfaces in automotive and industrial areas. Among most demanded wireless interfaces there are BLE, WiFi, Wireless M-bus and NB-IoT. Embedded Fog/Edge Computing feature makes it possible to generate a user-friendly data reports by a product itself and transmit it to your e-mail or monitoring server. Secured TLS/SSL MQTT communication protocol is used for connection of our IoT hardware platform with an external web server.


Desktop configuration software for custom IoT hardware platform

Flexible – 100% - Configurable

There is no similar applications and end-user requirements to a IoT device. With our finished project we give you a desktop configuration tool where an installer can make changes in 150+ various device settings.

Desktop software enables to open rich platform functionality and to make individual configuration of a IoT device.

All settings are grouped according to their functionality that makes the program interface to be user-friendly.