IoT Product Development Services

As an R&D company, Technoton Engineering offers IoT product development services. We help clients create connected devices, transform analog products into smart digital, and develop total infrastructure (wired & wireless networks, mobile application for smartphones, configuration software, equipment and software for a manufacturer).

Hardware prototyping and design
Before going to full IoT product development we prototype a device. It helps our clients to verify functionality, show proof of concept to investors, participate in StartUp acceleration programs.

Project includes:

  • Prepare a statement of work
  • PCB design
  • PCB power supply design
  • Advice PCB protection covering
  • Input and output signals processing
  • Enclosure design
  • Firmware development
  • Manufacturing samples
  • Stability testing (functional, temperature, humidity, EMC)
Adding connectivity
2G, 3G, 4G LTE, NB-IoT, CAT-M1, WiFi, Bluetooth
We upgrade any existing or new product with communication interfaces and networking protocols. It opens IoT era for your products, allowing them to transmit real-time data to Internet Analytical Platforms, to use WiFi, Bluetooth technologies for wireless communication.

We solve issues:

  • Choice of most suitable communication technology
  • Optimization of power consumption for stand-alone applications
  • Customization of communication protocols
  • Choice of antenna type and its placement inside an enclosure to reach the best input and output signals performance
  • Configure output data format
  • Separate communication PCB integration
Adding intelligence at the Edge
Edge computing integration
This approach enhances the functionality of your IoT product and targeted on real-time market solutions. Embedded analytics opens functionality for both a manufacturer and an end consumer.  

Top demanding features of edge computing:

  • Self-diagnostics
  • Events detection
  • Reports generation
  • Onboard clock
  • Scheduled data transmission
  • Statistics
Enhance user experience
Connecting a smartphone with IoT product
The new way to collect data and interact with your product is to use a connection with a smartphone. This way opens an ability to monitor and to configure your product from a user-friendly interface.


  • Remote device configuration
  • Checking operating status and working parameters
  • Save on HMI solutions
Communication stage for IoT product
Adding intelligence inside IoT product
Adding user interface


We accelerate prototyping of tailored IoT electronics and ensure a prosperous production launch. Technoton Engineering expertise in electronics design for the automotive and industrial areas allows us to bring leading technologies for very specific and challenging use cases. We design network communication interfaces, gateways that enable to create a network of sensors, meters, signal and interface converters. We offer you extensive experience in real-time solutions where embedded data processing is required.

Key capabilities in IoT electronics development

  • Qualified development of a product from primary concept to manufacturing stage
  • Building wired and wireless secured IoT product networks 
  • IoT-enabled edge devices with embedded data processing
  • Smart Cities solutions based on sensors and meters
  • Low-power optimized stand-alone IoT products with LTE CAT-M1, NB-IoT
  • Accurate, real-time, location and condition monitoring solutions


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