Embedded Software | Firmware Development

from basic functionality to edge computing

With two decades of field experience in embedded software development projects we implement our knowledge in smart products, where intelligence and reliability are put into priority. Technoton Engineering is a reliable partner for creation smart electronic products, multifunctional sensors and meters, smart gateways. Also, we help clients with firmware development for proof of concept and basic device functionality.


Superior practice in turn-key products development for automotive and industrial market created our approach on how to develop reliable and functional solutions. We lead every client from initial idea to production launch, give our technical advice, share functional opportunities, think about product consumers and deliver aftersales services.


  • embedded software (firmware) development
  • desktop and mobile software applications for production and configuration
  • programming and technologies C/C++, C#, Delphi, Asm, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL
  • database MySQL, SQLite
  • microcontrollers support MSP, ARM, 8051, AVR, PIC
  • real-time applications and services for RTOS
  • software for Windows, Linux, Android


Edge computing is the practice of processing data at the edge of any asset, where data is being generated, instead of using centralized data-processing cloud services.

Benefits of edge computing we offer:

  • On-board signal processing – calibration, filtration, linearization, secondary transformation
  • Calculation of secondary parameters, keeping counters
  • Events detection – emergency braking, suspension shocks, loading/unloading, fueling/fuel discharge, start/stop etc.
  • High data quality with 0,1 sec resolution for measuring and processing analog and digital signals
  • Reports are transmitted on a schedule and events
  • Reports are transmitted to a Cloud or directly to a user in an e-mail
Edge computing practice at firmware development


Embedded software development for smart product with wired and/or wireless communication interfaces requires investments and time. We use our time-tested software solutions to run the development process faster. It saves money and time for you. The solution we offer is the backbone of our 20 years projects development background. It has been time-tested and debugged on 250+ projects for automotive and industrial automation projects.

Functional Module-based, real-time tasks, the library of 80+ subprograms - these are just a few features you get, ordering embedded software development services at Technoton Engineering.


The modular software architecture that we offer consists of the real-time OS, Message Handler environment and Functional Modules. Functional Modules work independently of each other and ready to be tailored for custom applications. Functional modules exchange all data through the Message Handler. Data exchange is in broadcast mode, similar to the automotive CAN bus.

Benefits of modular firmware development:

  • Fast new product development, customization, new functional modules development
  • Clear tasks distribution between the development team members
  • High reliability from the first samples
  • Hight reliability of the whole system
  • Easy debugging process
Embedded software modular architecture


  • Reports generator
  • Reports manager
  • Self-diagnostics and authorization
  • Communicator
  • Geofencing
  • S6, S7 Networks
Measuring  & Utility
  • Signals collector
  • GNSS
  • Accelerometer
  • Power supply
  • Axle load
  • GSM
  • CAN bus
  • K-Line
  • WiFi / BLE
  • On-board clock
  • Battery
  • Memory

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