Gateway design & development

We create CAN bus to CloudJ1939 to MQTTprogrammable gateways.

Technoton Engineering offers bespoke gateway development using its automotive and industrial field expertise together with own time-tested library of hardware and software modules. The results of hard work under similar projects are represented in ready building blocks - Telematics platform. The platform is used for fast prototyping of a gateway to suit OEM requirements.

Gateway design development

Telematics Platform for Gateway Design & Development

Telematics platform is a superior starting point for industrial and automotive gateway design & development. It is flexible in wireless & wired hardware compatibility, embedded software configuration, multi-protocol stack integration. The core of the platform includes innovative cutting edge functionality and is running fog/edge computing on low-cost 32-bit Arm®-based Cortex®-M4 microprocessors.

Most demanded project task for CAN gateway development that we solve

  • Multy-protocol support
  • Protocol specific gateways
  • Mapping proprietary protocol to standard
  • Integration on-board computing functionality
  • Gateway re-engineering
  • Changing wireless connectivity generation
  • Integration of custom and proprietary protocol stack

We’ve already laid the foundation — freeing you to conver ideas into a product without sweating the small things.

Detect 10 000+ operational parameters

Integrated database supports over 10 000 possible operational parameters of connected asset according to J1939/71, ISOBUS and S6 standard.

Automatic interface scanning and parsing

The platform is ready to scan all available messages over connected interface. You are simply to selects which parameters should your gateway parse and include them into a report. No need in manual parsing of HEX or other messages types.

High speed data processing

The platform is anabled to measures operational parameter change with a step 0.1-10 seconds, thus increasing data accuracy inside Reports sent to a Cloud. Detailed information on asset operation enables implementing predictive maintenance approach.

Creating onboard network of smart sensors

The platform already supports CAN bus (J1939) interface, wireless BLE-connectivity and analog inputs. 

Events detection, alarms, notifications

Rapid change of a parameter is an event – e.g. voltage surge, pressure drop etc. Urgent alarms are sent via e-mail or SMS and provide opportunity for a manager to take action and avoid breakdowns.

Event-based model of report generation

The platform generates, stores and sends scheduled reports on asset operation on a timer basis, and upon recognizing an event. That model ensures important telematics data will be reported in time. 

and more...

for OEMs

We offer our clients a comprehensive put into manufacturing service for their electronic products. We assume responsibility for the production of your product, from material procurement and logistics through to device assembly, sales packaging and automated labelling of your equipment and systems.


Hardware & Software ready Telematics Platform aims to create opportunity,
improve efficiency and reduce a tailored gateway time-to-market
Telematics & Transport

Automotive Telematics & Transport

Off-road assets performance

Off-road assets performance

GNSS assets tracking

GNSS assets tracking

Telematics Platform helps to reach the goal of new CAN gateway design & development in 0 – 3 months and prepare for mass production launch. The base can be used for new gateway development in measuring, diagnostics and telematics IoT systems with special requirements to data processing intelligence, data validation, reporting, measuring accuracy, reliability.
Fog / Edge computing platform for vehicle telematics  
Differences from a traditional GSM gateway, vehicle telematics hardware, GPS tracker
  • Real-time measurement and processing of analog and digital input signals
  • Processing of input analog signals with filtration, linearization and calibration table
  • Сonversion of primary input signals into required friendly values (example - voltage into weight units)
  • Keeping required counters
  • Events detections and notification a manager about them
  • Flexible reports are configured by choosing values from 10`000 preconfigured parameters
  • Reports are transmitted to a Cloud or directly to a user e-mail
  • Modular embedded software (IoT Burger™ technology) for fast development and customization
  • System scalability by supporting wired (S6 technology) and wireless networks

Telematics platform for gateway design

Tailored telematics platform is time tested to generate a positive return on investment in 2-3 month. From the very beginning, we work closely with you to determine the overall business added value that can be achieved. We provide you with our own industry experts to give individual and practical recommendations on how your custom telematics product can make ongoing improvements to your tasks.

Next generation CAN gateways & GSM/GPS trackers build on Fog / Edge computing telematics platform are demanded:

  • Advanced vehicle telematics with self-diagnostics, predictive maintenance, events detection, real-time monitoring, data verification and reporting
  • Sophisticated technological machines for monitoring in agricultural, construction, mining etc.
  • Monitoring of vehicle operating conditions during the warranty period
  • Customized telematics solutions that require wireless connectivity 3G / 4G / LTE / NB-IoT / BLE / WiFi
  • IIoT systems for complex industrial facilities
  • IoT telematics system
  • Insurance telematics
  • Automotive, marine, river vehicle fleet management systems with J1939, J1708, NMEA


Vehicle 2G/3G/4G CAN Gateway

Vehicle 2G/3G/4G CAN gateway

WiFi CAN J1939 Gateway

WiFi CAN J1939 Gateway

Partnership and Application

Technoton Engineering proposes flexible partnership ways on how to apply its custom telematics platform.

Startup projects with small batch productionWe offer to use our software & hardware ready platform with desktop configuration software. That doesn`t need any investments and most suitable for the 1st product commercialization.

Small or middle scale productionIn this case ODM model will fit best of all because hardware & software will be customized by us to meet requirements, your logo and trademarks can be put on a product and there is no need for investments in IP.

Mass-market product. This way requires investments in IP, but the customer will have a pack of documentation for in-house PCB production and ready embedded software (firmware). That allows decrease a product cost and keeps the whole project on one hand.

Technoton Engineering is ready to carry out desired hardware and software customizations in any way of partnership.

Asset tracker | equipment tracker | GPS fleet tracker design services

Technoton Engineering designs and develops asset tracking devices for application in harsh environment. Our flexible hardware & embedded software ready telematics platform allows hundreds of possible combinations. You are free to choose a communication module (2G, 3G, LTE, NB-IoT), additional sensors and functions, battery life.