Electronic product development services

Technoton Engineering offers end-to-end electronic product development services for companies and entrepreneurs to create innovative products with smart functionality and connectivity (IoT, M2M).

Partnering with Technoton Engineering you join the like-minded team consisting of project managers, engineers, programmers, who understand the flow of turnkey electronic product development. Our in-house development team ensures a smooth and simple design cycle, meeting your schedule and budget. We help with proof-of-concept at the early biginning and with samples or initial batch when development stage comes to the end. 

Electronic product development services include

  • Technical feasibility analysis
  • Marketing research
  • Bill of materials (BoM)
  • System architecture
  • Hardware design (PCB, power supply, digital and analog interfaces)
  • Embedded software (OS, Runtime environment, drivers, functional modules, security)
  • Application software and GUI design
  • Mechanical design
  • Enclosure design
  • Manufacturing, configuration and quality check equipment
  • Testing (temperature, humidity, shock and vibration, EMC, functional and field)
  • Pre-production design validation
  • Prepare for regulatory certification and industry-mandated standards

Frequently asked questions:

Is it obligatory to have a statement of work (SoW) before starting a project?

Statement of work is a document that defines the entire scope of the work and clarifies deliverables, cost and timeline. If you are not a technician, you meet difficulties or even don`t know where to start - don`t worry! We have a template of most frequent questions and points you are to give answers. While preparing SoW we give you advice, consultation and help with technical issues. So, bring your idea and we`ll make product engineering run smoothly for you.

How to figure out a project budget and development timeline?

After understanding the general product development idea we can give you an estimated project budget and timeline. There is even no need in a SoW at this first step. If we meet your budget, we prepare a SoW which is a part of a contract for product engineering services.

Our core domains:

  • Telematics GSM gateways and GPS trackers for monitoring of operational data on vehicles and industrial machines
  • CAN bus products, J1939 to MQTT converters, smart CAN bus displays (J1939, NMEA) and CAN bus readers
  • Wireless and wired intelligent sensors
  • Smart flow meters for vehicles and industrial use
  • Contactless data readers of CAN-bus data
  • Analyzers, simulators and converters of messages, signals, interfaces (CAN, RS-485, RS-232, analog)
  • Metrological installations for smart sensors, smart flow meters production and service

Featured Categories:

Add connectivity and usability to current or new designed electronic product.

Accelerate software development by using our functional modules.

Make smart sensors & IoT sensors development faster, saving up to 90% time on R&D.

Integrate smart functionality and/or connectivity into meters.

The base for custom telematics hardware development: flexible in wireless & wired hardware compatibility, embedded software configurable, adapted for application as an automotive telematics platform with GPS tracking and as an industrial telematics gateway.

Tailored CAN bus interface gateways, CAN bus readers, analog to CAN bus J1939 converters, digital to analog converters, IoT gateways, etc.