S7 Wireless Telematics Technology

S7 Technology is used to develop custom wireless telematics hardware for automotive and industrial application. The technology includes a turnkey approach to wireless products development and consists of ready hardware components, embedded software, communication protocol, configuration and monitoring application for mobile devices. BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology is used as a basic communication channel.

The technology is developed and marketed by Technoton Engineering. Today it is widely used and offered to develop stand-alone battery powered wireless telematics solutions for automotive and industrial applications where reliability is important.

Distinctive features of S7 Wireless Telematics Technology

  1. The best performance on the market. Products built using S7 Technology have high efficiency  in terms of range, frequency of data transmission, stand-alone operation without changing the battery
  2. Unlimited number of data recipients. The measurement result can be simultaneously sent to the cloud, processed in the mobile application, received by another sensor or actuator
  3. An unprecedented level of autonomy. New opportunities in building telematics and automation systems of Industry 4.0 

Where S7 Technology is already used?

Vehicle telematics remains the main market for S7 Wireless Technology. Today, more and more telematics sensors rely on wireless communication.

Wireless telematics products are entering new markets as communication is becoming increasingly important in other areas like plants and infrastructure, oils and gas mining, utilities.

Off-the-shelf features that are ready to be integrated:

  • Umlimited number of data recipients
  • Protection from bluetooth attacks
  • Estimated battery life for 10 years
  • High measured data transmission frequency 
  • Working distance from 15 to 100 meters
  • Temperature range from -55C° to +85C°

Other features may be developed or customized at request.

Mass market products where S7 Wireless Technology is implemented

To get our special offer for a concept prototype development or to know more about functionality and opportunities, please leave us a message.