Technology for custom smart sensor and IoT sensor development


3G / LTE / NB-IoT / BLE / WiFi

Technoton Engineering offers a new smart sensor and IoT sensor development services using its time-tested technology. The results of hard work under the technology since 2000 are represented in innovative hardware & software ready Smart Sensor Platform.

Thanks to our smart sensor platform and IoT Burger Technology we do custom smart sensors & IoT sensors development faster, saving up to 90% time on R&D. It`s real because all we need is only to customize our smart sensor development technology for new tasks. Smart sensor platform is time tested in a harsh environment, includes industrial-grade components and is used regularly for telematics sensor, BLE sensor, MQTT sensor development.


WHAT WE OFFERHardware & Software Ready technology for smart sensor development

WHAT WE NEEDSmart sensor application & communication requirements

WHAT WE DO We use a desired primary transducer, customize our smart sensor platform, integrate all-in-one smart transducer technology, support in a new IoT sensor production launch


Smart sensors designed by Technoton Engineering include innovative functionality of fog/edge computing, two-way communication with other sensors in a network, server and/or user direct connectivity including a secured connection over MQTT protocol.


Smart sensor technology


Give us an input signal - and we`ll create a cutting edge smart sensor and IoT sensor.

As can be seen, IoT sensors such as a liquid level sensor in a tank, a gasoline flow meter at a gas station, a tire pressure sensor in a car are 80% identical. The differences are concentrated in a measuring module and a primary converter, the further onboard data preprocessing is almost identical.

Thanks to deep background experience in smart sensors development for telematics and manufacturing, Technoton Engineering has developed a range of Smart Sensor Platform customizations:


Custom smart level sensor and IoT level sensor

A ready technology for smart level sensor development with a modular architecture and wide customization opportunities. Optional interfaces - RS-232/485, CAN bus, analog. Connectivity - 3G, LTE, NB-IoT, BLE.