Smart wireless IoT pressure sensor

Technoton Engineering is experienced in pressure sensor design: smart wireless IoT with low power, long battery life, wireless communication and options for customization. IoT pressure sensor is another step into automation of processes. We help our clients with smart and wireless pressure sensor design and provide proven solutions of hardware & embedded software components - time tested in real applications. 

Our offer is to develop for you a pressure sensor with NB-IoT or CAT-M1 technology and smart functionality like events detection, predictive maintenance and self-diagnostics. 

Wireless pressure sensor measures and sends the values over NB-IoT | CAT-M1 networks. Pressure sensor is optimized to be energy efficient to ensure up to 10 years of battery life and maintenance free operations. We offer open MQTT communication protocol for easy connectivity with any IoT platform. Sensor can be configured with a mobile application over Bluetooth Low Energy.

IoT pressure sensor development is based on our own modular technology. This means that we’ve build a number of building blocks that can be combined to create a huge number of different applications. Due to this modular design, sensors are easy and fast to implement which results in a reduced investment costs and lead time.

Smart, wireless, IoT pressure sensor design


Our domains for Smart & Wireless pressure sensor design

  • industrial process monitoring
  • water pressure
  • automotive telematics
  • marine telematics
  • off-road equipment monitoring
  • agriculture equipment monitoring 
  • other similar monitoring systems


BLE air pressure sensor

Wireless Air pressure sensor

IoT air pressure sensor

IoT air pressure sensor

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