Mobile app development for industrial and automotive areas

With successful projects in the background, Technoton Engineering as a hardware & software development company offers its mobile application development services tailored to business needs. We focus on mobile applications development for industrial automation processes, vehicle telematics and communications with smart sensors and meters.

Smartphones and tablets today are used to operate automation, control, information & access of various industrial equipment. For instance, a mobile app can be used in the industrial field as a human machine interface (HMI) that communicates with a PLC.

Mobile application development and integration

How are mobile applications used by end-users in industrial and automotive areas?


Data capture. Workers in the field get info easily and speed routine work to concentrate more on critical aspects. Also, it`s more convenient to review information from the mobile device instead of interpreting handwritten notes from the field.

Close to real-time data. Real-time information helps workers to get the most accurate data which lead to higher quality result. Mobile technologies also enable data capture, analysis, and response.

Collaboration & Support. Operators, engineers, managers and owners collaborate on projects across the globe. A mobile application helps enhance collaboration by giving these people a tool to send necessary information and get feedback immediately.

Enhancing safety. Mobile solutions are used in remote objects inspections, environmental assessments, and to monitor refinery equipment. Mobile apps collect data and assess situations instantly enabling workers to take immediate corrective actions.

Which challenges do manufacturers expect to solve with mobile apps?


IoT (IIoT) hybrid mobile applications.  Industry 4.0 has already led the next revolution in manufacturing supplying the complete automation of processes and data exchange. Industry 4.0 empowered intelligent systems, including implementations of AI, cloud & edge computing, smart manufacturing. The synergy of hybrid mobile apps and cloud applications deliver a more robust operational efficiency during a manufacturing process.

Friendly tool for a competitive game. Dynamic graphics and an intuitive touchscreen interface in a mobile app help ensure that users can more quickly configure devices with the correct settings. Apps allows technicians at any side to do diagnostics, store and share data, transmit important information to a Cloud or local software for analytics.

Rapid functionality integration. The rapid development of mobile applications is very different from the traditional release cycle normally used for industrial systems. Mobile applications have adopted a release cycle of weeks and months, adding new functionality and features as they are required. 

Technoton Engineering impact

The continuous progress in mobile technologies related to user experience and interaction techniques raises the need to allow existing human-machine interfaces (HMIs) to evolve. In this way, personnel can use these techniques when interacting with automation products. Future HMIs should utilize the best parts of these new inventions (including wireless communication, gestures, voice control and new display technologies) and enable users to interact with systems more efficiently and safely.

We also help our clients cut development timeframe by upwards of 35 to 40 percent in many cases using open source platforms, our prebuild software modules, which provide cross-platform frontend and backend infrastructure elements.

Areas we focus


Mobility Mobility
Special Purpose Machinery Special Purpose Machinery
Oil & Gas Oil & Gas
Industrial Equipment Industrial Equipment
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Reference mobile application


Fuel tank monitor

Fuel tank monitor

Fuel rate monitor

Fuel rate monitor

Axle load monitor

Axle load monitor