Smart Meter development

Technoton Engineering offers a new smart meter development services using its background and expertise in smart metering. Our ability in metering systems innovation, together with an organized approach to technologies, empowered us to create a Smart Meter Platform.

Smart Meter Platform is a library of hardware and software modules used as a foundation for smart meter development. The library includes our expertise in smart meter design, industrial grade components, fog / edge computing opportunity, embedded software with real-time OS, desktop configuration software, certification and mass production launch experience.

Objectives of smart meters inside smart metering solutions

  • Secondary transformation of a continuous signal
  • Processing of meter measurement data: filtration, linearization, thermal compensation, etc.
  • Analysis of measurement data: define operation modes , events detection, keeping counters
  • Scheduled and configurable reports with measurement results
  • Transmission of ready reports via wired (CAN, RS-232/485, analog) or wireless (BLE, WiFi, NB-IoT, GPRS) interfaces
  • Adding timestamp and GPS coordinates to measured results
  • Temperature measurement of a flow meter, subject of measurement and external environment

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Smart Meter Platform for meters development

Cutting edge water, gas, and electricity smart meters for residential and industrial application with NB-IoT.

All meters such as a smart water meter, a gas meter, an electricity meter, smart transducer are 95% identical. The differences are concentrated in a measuring module and a primary converter, the further onboard data preprocessing is almost identical.


Differential fuel flow meter

Differential fuel flow meter

Flow meter for heavy machinery

Flow meter for heavy machinery

Wireless fuel flow meter

Wireless fuel flow meter


Thanks to deep background experience in smart meters development for vehicle telematics and industrial automation, Technoton Engineering developed a range of Hardware & Software solutions:


Smart IoT Flow Meter Development

Time-tested hardware & software ready platform for new IoT smart meter development or for updating classical meters, adding the value of edge computing functionality and connectivity (NB-IoT, BLE, etc).

NB-IoT smart water meter. Residential

NB-IoT Smart Water Meter is a stand-alone battery-powered solution with NB-IoT and Bluetooth connectivity designed as accurate water consumption monitor with embedded analytics as well as a leak detector. It`s ready to retrofit classical meters over pulse signal output from a meter or to be customized for integration inside a meter.

NB-IoT smart water meter. Industrial

Designed for industrial application, NB-IoT Smart Flow Meter collects raw signals and transmits preprocessed data to an automation system of a customer. Smart water flowmeter is designed for water utilities and commercial applications. Smart flowmeter provides automatic data collection & processing, data security, improved billing and accounting, reduced operational costs.