NB-IoT smart water meter. Industrial

Designed for industrial application, the NB-IoT Smart Flow Meter collects raw signals and transmits preprocessed data to an automation system of a customer. The NB-IoT water flow meter is designed for water utilities and commercial applications. The NB IoT smart flow meter provides automatic data collection & processing, data security, improved billing and accounting, reduced operational costs.

NB-IoT smart flow meter in industrial application solves problems like:

  • Inaccuracy
  • Malfunction
  • Maintenance resource
  • Correct billing procedure
  • Access to a meter

IoT water meter is a tool for direct measurement of water consumption, which is used as a part of water metering system, water telematics system or as a stand-alone (autonomous) solution for water consumption monitoring.  NB-IoT smart water meter establishes direct GSM connection using NB-IoT technology to a server over a secured MQTT protocol.

NB-IoT smart water meter is developed on Smart Meter Platform using out smart meter technologies. It can be used as a development base for an industrial smart water flow meter where there is a need in IoT metering technologies.

NB-IoT smart water meter. Industrial. By Technoton Engineering

Key features of the NB-IoT smart water meter:

  • Acquires signals from a primary transducer
  • Preprocesses raw data (linearization, filtration, thermal correction, analytics)
  • Manages and reports useful data such as total and instant flow rate, metering time on min/optimal/overload, battery level, temperature
  • Detection of water consumption modes with separate counters for each mode
  • Secured connection to a cloud/server using NB-IoT technology with MQTT protocol
  • Extraordinary events can be sent to SMS and E-mail
  • Secured 3 levels of access to calibrate, configure and service check
  • Self-diagnostics including a device e-passport
  • Stand-alone application with 7+ years battery life

Water consumption and operating time Counters

Water consumption

  • Instant/total water consumption, L/H
  • Total water consumption in different modes
  • Instant/total hourly water consumption 

 Water meter operating time

  • Total operating time, h
  • Total operation time in different modes (Optimal, Lower Optimal, Higher Optimal)
  • Total operating time of a meter

Industrial smart water meter is a concept that may be developed for mass production launch.