Fog / Edge computing platform for vehicle telematics with CAN bus connection and built-in analytics

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Electronic flow meter module for intelligent monitoring and control systems

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Electronic module of smart level sensor with GPS / GSM, CAN interface

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IoT hardware & embedded software development 

Technoton Engineering is a company specialized in development of embedded software and hardware for transport telematics, industrial automation, Internet of Things (IoT) fields. Having unique IoT technologies we provide our clients with solutions for smart sensors design.
Competences and experience of our team include full spectrum of IoT devices design process. In our portfolio:

  • Telematics GSM / GPS devices for monitoring of operational data on land and water transport
  • Intelligent level sensors for vehicle and stationary tanks
  • Smart flowmeters for transport and industrial use
  • Contactless data readers for CAN-bus
  • Analyzers, simulators and converters of messages, signals, interfaces (CAN, RS-485, RS-232, analog)
  • Metrological installations for smart sensors production and service

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The experience of embedded device development since 2000 has created our area of competence at the intersection of knowledge and technology in automotive electronics, precision mechanics, metrology, navigation, wireless data transmission and the Internet. Our team consists of qualified engineers, circuit designers, programmers and metrologists who have a unique experience in the development and operation of electronic products for vehicles and industrial automation.

We will be pleased to advise you on any issue of customization and implementation of our solutions!

Telematics online gateway

Telematics online gateway

Cutting edge telematics tracker for harsh operating conditions.
Fog computing gateway saves GSM traffic and Cloud computing resourses. Data preprocessing algorithms are used for filtering and normalization of parameters, revealing events, keeping counters 
Remote configuration, OTA firmware upgrade and self-diagnostics
Modular platform that can be customized to fit individual OEM requirements
Digital fuel flow meter

Digital fuel flow meter

Precise instrument for actual fuel consumption measurement with fog computing technology
Engine working time counting in different operation modes
Protected against unathorized interference and tampering
Resistant to vibration and hydraulic impacts
Output interfaces: CAN, RS-485/232, pulse
Smart fuel level sensor + GSM gateway

Smart fuel level sensor + GSM gateway

Smart sensor for fuel tank monitoring in commercial vehicles, agriculture and construction machines, generators
Capacitive type of real time accurate measurement with data preprocessing
Digital self-diagnostics, adjustable signal filtration, configurable thermal correction
Optimized design for minimum manufacturing operations
Models range include verity measurement length and output interfaces (CAN, RS-485/232, analog)
Vehicle data interface

Vehicle data interface

Specialized gateway for CAN bus data processing
CAN bus (SAE j1939) and J1708 (SAE J1587) data reading
Parameters selection and arrangement into messages easy to read and process on telematics terminals
CAN, RS-485/232 output messages
Contactless data reader

Contactless data reader

Reads signals through the wires insulation
Indicates operation modes
Zero interference to vehicle electronics
Doesn`t need initial settings
Models to use with J1939, J1708, injector pulses
OEM CAN Display

OEM CAN Display

An ideal tool for a driver to watch over axle load, fuel consumption, fuel level, diagnostics events
Turnkey project for serial production launch
Authorization access (role based)
Warning message and sound system
Embedded trip, fuel consumption counters

Security comes first for every person and vehicle monitoring system. A new class of Safe OBD2 tracking & diagnostics dongle is being developed by Technoton Engineering.  It has built-in hardware firewall to protect vehicle CAN bus electronic network from external interactions. 

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To place Metrology on a development stage is a tactic to increase final product stability, measuring repeatability, shorter verification process and faster time-to-market.

Following the tactic, Technoton Engineering participated in a certification process for just developed new models of a level sensor and flowmeter. The accredited laboratory gave its proves very quickly and now new fuel level sensor and fuel flow meter can go to serial production.

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Technoton Engineering team releases one more industrial product for his client this week. The target was to develop from scratch to serial production an automatic calibration station for fuel tanks.

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