Custom CAN bus display design

CAN bus Displays that we design are targeted to CAN data monitoring and include self-diagnostics together with high security level. Hardware of displays is for industrial, agricultural, automotive and marine applications where there are standards to components, vibrations, temperature, humidity, voltage supply and etc.

Our experience and market vision is expressed in several off the shelf models, however when customers have specific requirements that are not met by the current range we undertake custom projects.

Working with you to design a CAN bus display, we adapt functionality, size, enclosure from our existing solutions to meet your specific requirements. 

We have been designing and launching manufacturing of CAN bus tools for over 15 years. That experience enables us to consult you about the overall system architecture, as well as the detail considering I/O requirements, display selection, user interface, and features such as proprietary messages to display.

We have worked on numerous projects including automotive grade components, J1939 and J1708 protocols, stand-alone IoT projects so can easily offer expert guidance and help in moving your development forward.

One Display and verity of applications where parameters to monitor are chosen from the data base.

CAN bus display base that we`ve designed and use is a flexible CAN tool for data visualization from CAN bus (SAE J1939, J1708, NMEA 2000), analogue, frequency inputs. CAN Display may be precisely configured to meet specific needs and is simple to expand whenever required. Thanks to the powerful desktop configuration software it is exceptionally convenient to set up by choosing which parameter should be monitored.

CAN bus display design
  • display selected operation parameters from total 3500+ received via CAN bus
  • converting voltage/frequency signals of analog sensors into digital messages (SPN) and displaying them
  • flexible configuration of parameters to display (up to 21 group, 10 screens in each group, 1 or 2 parameters on each screen)
  • based on IoT Burger Technology, which ensures data preprocessing, security and analytics
  • unique self-diagnostics functions
  • designed to satisfy CE, E-Mark, EMC

The ready hardware-software solution of the CAN bus display is customizable and is suitable for solving most problems when creating modern intelligent systems.

CAN bus display works in real-time environment with industrial and automotive grade components.

Compatible with verity of applications:

  • Commercial vehicles
  • Construction and agriculture machines
  • Marine fleet (NMEA 2000)
  • Universal J1939 or J1708 dashboards

Our Software and Hardware Engineering team can build custom applications for you, like adding proprietary CAN bus J1939 parameters or changing display type and enclosure.

You may leave your idea or project on feedback form to have a free consultation or a commercial offer.