S6 Technology

S6 is a technology that combines a data communication standard for a wired network of smart sensors, as well as a data handle standard for collecting, processing and reporting in an information system of any scale.

The technology is applied for fast development of Industry 4.0 smart sensors, I/O modules, gateways, telematics trackers and software. It makes possible to handle thousands of operational parameters of controlled objects in one information system. And it opens new horizons in building comprehensive systems of telematics, diagnostics, remote monitoring and control.

S6 technology elements

01. Telematics interface is used to create networks of sensors, gateways and other telematics devices on a controlled object. It includes a set of cables and hardware requirements to provide data transfer, power supply and device configuration. Interface conforms to ISO 11898-1:2003, ISO 9141 and ISO 14230.

  • Low-cost single cable network with power supply and configuration line
  • Cables and other elements conform for automotive and industrial application
  • Modular network design makes a network of smart devices scalable
  • Reliable cabling system ensures high interference resistance and minimizes a probability of incorrect equipment connection

02. Telematics communication protocol conforms to requirements of SAE J1939/21. Parameters, structure and content are defined by Application Layer SAE J1939/71.

  • A trouble proof way of data transfer for real-time monitoring with a vast set of parameters

03. Parameters Data Base includes over 3000 parameters in sum, contains 800+ unique telematics messages.

  • Decreases drastically both terms of information system development and commissioning time
  • Dozens of developers can simultaneously work on creating various modules of one complex information system
  • Reduces the information system ownership cost by excluding documenting and technical support
Elements of S6 technology