Before you begin with IoT, there are few things you need as a primary foundation.

1.     Understanding of basic electronics

2.     Using analog and digital sensors

3.     Using MCU

4.     Understanding connectivity with external networs

Once you are familiar with above, you can start your IoT journey.

Technoton Engineering best practices are perfect at delivering connectivity and long-time battery life for devices. A well-designed sensor in deep sleep typically draws just 0.3-4.5µA. On working mode with connection to a wireless network, a device draws about 50-80mA on average. If you’re going to develop a stand-alone hardware that will be battery-powered, the way to start is to think about the full application algorithms of your device.

To help our clients with fast development and cloud-based solution deployment we have prepared a set of cloud components. We call the whole environment - UNUM. This is a story about how we`ve developed UNUM cloud software.

“We managed to reach our goal of a perfect balance between price, technology, and efficiency,” said the CEO of the manufacturing company. “We’ve saved a lot on labour cost and we’ve increased product quality gradually.” The client also praised our project management skills and proactive approach. They were impressed with the quality and speed of our work. We’ve continued to provide support to the client, and our partnership has been going on for five years now. 

Join us at the international exhibition of information and communication technologies Svyaz-2021 which is taking place in Moscow from 15 to 18 June 2021.

As an engineering team with 20 years of experience, we`d like to share some practical view on how sensors may differ from each other. When we prepare a statement of work, we always ask our clients about sensor application area and which tasks it should solve. Work in extreme conditions, level of accuracy, smart functionality are just a few points that affect the market price. The more the sensor can do and the more it can withstand, the more expensive it is for customers.