Technoton Engineering team releases one more industrial product for his client this week. The target was to develop from scetch to serial production an automatic calibration station for fuel tanks.

Technoton Engineering develops for its clients custom smart IoT hardware which collect and transmit data for telematics and automation application areas. The latest released development from Technoton Engineering is a wireless BLE fuel level sensor for automotive and industrial market.

The Fog/Edge computing platform for vehicle telematics is a secured hardware & embedded software solution powered by IoT Burger under real-time operating system. It enables functionality of a GPS tracker and a GSM gateway together with on-device computing intelligence.

Technoton Engineering team has developed an advanced sensor technology for the accurate measurement of biofuel and diesel with one smart level sensor. The key benefit of the technology is that no calibration is needed when fuel type is changed.

CAN Display is the flexible CAN tool developed for data visualization from analogue, frequency inputs and/or CAN bus (SAE J1939). CAN Display may be precisely configured to meet specific needs and is simple to expand whenever required.

Internet of Things quickly changes rules of how companies establish targets for their software & hardware development teams. When one company is involved in continuous straight thinking developments, Technoton Engineering collaborates with IT market leaders like IBM opening new horizons. Partnership between two innovative companies is going to improve digital transformation, to drive customer engagement and to create new services.