IBM partners with fog/edge computing developer - Technoton Engineering

13 April, 2018

IBM partners Technoton Engineering

Internet of Things quickly changes rules of how companies establish targets for their software & hardware development teams. When one company is involved in continuous straight thinking developments, Technoton Engineering collaborates with IT market leaders like IBM opening new horizons. Partnership between two innovative companies is going to improve digital transformation, to drive customer engagement and to create new services.

Over the course of last few years, Technoton Engineering built an unique technology IoT Burger. It`s main feature is fog/edge computing for smart sensors and complex Industrial IoT devices. The technology is based on the time tested hardware and software core, ready-to-use functional modules, the set of standards for a new devices development.

Added value of smart devices by Technoton Engineering

  • Built-in signal processing analytics with maximum on-board data processing
  • The ability to create devices with edge computing and extremely low power consumption
  • Best combination of reliability and price for components
  • Measurement and processing of "fast" real-time processes
  • Ready-made reports for easy integration with cloud platforms
  • Security and data reliability (self-diagnosis, authorization, impact control)

And from now smart product development  in automotive and industrial fields may be enhanced by Technoton Engineering through the IBM ecosystem. Now it is the time to transform manufacturing and business processes by embedding smart edge products with IBM cloud solutions. 

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IBM partners with fog/edge computing developer - Technoton Engineering