IoT Burger™ technology, leveraging edge computing

IoT Burgeris a technology for smart products development, leveraging fog / edge computing possibilities into industrial and automotive areas. It is based on industrial-grade hardware and real-time embedded software. Today, there is a ready-to-use library of hardware & software functional modules, desktop configuration software, mobile applications for data monitoring and remote configuration, set of manufacturing and engineering standards for a new reliable product development. 

When you are managing a product or a range of products, each may have their own custom software and hardware. And small differences between products can evolve and result in significant challenges, including differences in how you integrate, deploy and maintain the disparate systems. That can mean your best developers spend more time maintaining each product separately than working on a new one, or upgrading functionality, optimizing IoT connection protocol and other features needed to keep up with client demands.

Technoton Engineering team has a way with the Modular IoT Burger technology and Edge Computing. We provide businesses with comprehensive development support: from advice to the engineering of an entire innovative product that collects data from the environment, processes and analyzes it and offers end-user tools for visualization. Taking advantage of our experience in engineering and manufacturing, we are ready to push forward your solutions from an avant-project to mass production.


Your products value increases without your team effort:

  • Fast. Designed for real-time systems development
  • Reliable. Time-tested hardware and embedded software is used 
  • Intelligent. Data Processing and Data Analytics is onboard a device
  • Economic. Perform edge computing on 32-bit ARM low-cost microprocessors
  • Low power. Keep power consumption as low as possible
  • Flexible. Desktop configuration software for easy product installation
  • Communicative. Data transmission is done to a server or to a user directly
  • User-friendly. Convert output data into preconfigured reports
  • Secured. Self-diagnosis, Authorization, and Impact control
  • Modular. Ready for custom intellectual product development

IoT Burger™ is a complete Ecosystem for the development of your Edge computing products:

IoT Burger technology from Technoton Engineering

Empowering with smart capabilities to reduce End-to-End solution price for you

IoT hardware, smart sensors and smart meters generate a huge amount of data every day. Most sensors or meters available at the market today by themselves were developed long time ago as simple devices. They don`t have a possibility and resources for embedded analytical computing or opportunities for determining events (emergency, interference, etc.). All that classical solutions can do is just to generate raw data and to transmit it.

We offer to cut total solution price on various controllers and cloud computing! The way of Technoton Engineering is to develop smart products with fog / edge computing onboard, using field R&D experience and time tested solutions.


Available Functional Modules: Which Value can we offer for you?


  • Self-diagnostics
  • Authorization
  • Events detection and notification
  • Reports configurator
  • Reports manager
  • Data output wireless transmission manager
  • Geofencing
  • S6, S7 Networks
  • Flow meter smart module
  • Level / Volume sensor smart module
  • Universal signals processing module
  • Position sensor smart module
  • Pressure sensor smart module
  • GNSS
  • Accelerometer
  • Power supply management
  • On-board clock
  • GSM 2G, 3G, NB-IoT, LTE
  • CAN bus
  • RS-485/232
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi
  • Battery
  • Memory and data storage



Featured Hardware & Software Ready Platforms:


Smart Sensor Platform

Thanks to our Smart Sensor Platform and IoT Burger Technology we do custom smart sensors & IoT sensors development faster, saving up to 90% time on R&D. It`s real because all we need is only to customize our smart sensor development technology for new tasks. Smart sensor platform is time tested in a harsh environment, includes industrial-grade components and is used regularly for telematics sensor, BLE sensor, MQTT sensor development.

Smart Meter Platform

Time-tested hardware & software ready platform for new IoT smart meter development or for updating classical meters, adding a value of edge computing functionality and connectivity (NB-IoT, BLE, etc).

Telematics Platform

The platform is a superior base for custom telematics hardware development. It is flexible in wireless & wired hardware compatibility, embedded software configuration and is adapted for application as an automotive telematics platform with GPS tracking and as an industrial telematics gateway.


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