Smart level sensor for biodiesel is in production

06 June, 2018

Smart biodiesel level sensor

Technoton Engineering team has developed an advanced sensor technology for the accurate measurement of biofuel and diesel with one smart level sensor. The key benefit of the technology is that no calibration is needed when fuel type is changed.

To meet the target Technoton Engineering hasn`t changed the enclosure and contraction of the current sensor, solved problems of accurate measument in a range of temperatures, and excluded unwanted parasitic capacitance because of the proximity of electronic components.

Biodiesel level sensor integrated features:

  • 6 versions for popular interfaces CAN (J1939), RS-485, RS-232, voltage, frequency, current loop
  • IoT Burger technology provides internal data preprocessing (Parameter filtration and normalization, Events logging, Counters recording)
  • unique function of automatic readings correction when fuel is changed from one type to another (diesel/biodiesel/kerosene/mineral oil) ensures stable measurement accuracy without sensor re-calibration
  • precise measurement of current fuel temperature by thermosensor that is placed directly inside the fuel
  • digital self-diagnostics function for data reliability control
  • configuration via Bluetooth

Successful laboratory tests of the smart biofuel level sensor proved measurement inaccuracy ±0.1mm, supply voltage from 10 to 50V and operation temperature -40...+85C°.

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