10 updates of Fog/Edge computing platform for next generation of vehicle telematics

19 July, 2018

10 updates of Fog/Edge computing platform

Technoton Engineering intelligent vehicle platform integrates a common tracker computing resources with some cloud functionality optimizing Internet of Things applications by performing data processing at the edge of the network.

The Fog/Edge computing platform for vehicle telematics is a secured hardware & embedded software solution powered by IoT Burger under real-time operating system. It enables functionality of a GPS tracker and a GSM gateway together with on-device computing intelligence.

Updates of the vehicle telematics platform:

  1. Simultaneous support of two CAN buses in a selected mode (active, passive, sniffer)
  2. Integrated Bluetooth module connects telematics wireless sensors
  3. Reports are transmitted on a time schedule (ex. daily/weekly/monthly at a desired time) to show how different vehicle counters have changed
  4. High accuracy algorithm for vehicle tracking
  5. On-board Geo-fence support
  6. Up to 20 preconfigured events detection to prevent a vehicle from a malfunction and to watch over driver`s behavior
  7. Reports are transmitted to the e-mail and include a track record
  8. Easy reports configuration from a list of available parameters via connected CAN buses (3500+ J1939 parameters inside the data base)
  9. Remote self-diagnostics of a device and connected CAN bus units
  10. Real-time on-board engine parameters monitoring for predictive maintenance, and diagnostics purposes

The platform can be customized optimally to different vehicle categories of the OEM by individual configuration. Thanks to the time tested platform any individual developments are done faster!

Technoton Engineering leads a new generation of Smart Trackers that use automotive grade components together with 50 000+ hours spent for total hardware & software development and testing. Finally, any tracker (OBD, in-vehicle or stand-alone) may perform raw data preprocessing, real-time vehicle data monitoring, generate statistics reports and have secured GSM communications and data storage. More over, new platform generation supports wireless sensors over Bluetooth! And the last but not least is that thanks to fog/edge computing platform there is no need to pay for cloud telematics services because fleet manager gets preconfigured report directly on an e-mail.

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