Smart meters enable an advanced step towards next-generation automation in which meters are linked into networks.

Technoton Engineering offers custom smart meter development services. For classical meters it opens fog/edge computing, ultra-low-power consumption and cutting edge connectivity.

Technoton Engineering boosts projects which are dedicated to wireless sensors development. Today the final testing development stage of BLE wireless pressure sensor has passed. 

Wireless BLE pressure sensor is a turn-key project which is done completely in-house by the team of our developers. Off-the-shelf product is targeted for application in such areas like industrial process monitoring, an automotive telematics system, off-road vehicles state monitoring, agriculture equipment and similar monitoring systems.

Security comes first for every person and vehicle monitoring system. A new class of Safe OBD2 tracking & diagnostics dongle is being developed by Technoton Engineering.  It has a built-in hardware firewall to protect vehicle CAN bus electronic network from external interactions. 

To place Metrology on a development stage is a tactic to increase final product stability, measuring repeatability, shorter verification process and faster time-to-market.

Following the tactic, Technoton Engineering participated in a certification process for just developed new models of a level sensor and flowmeter. The accredited laboratory gave its proves very quickly and now new fuel level sensor and fuel flow meter can go to serial production.

Technoton Engineering team releases one more industrial product for his client this week. The target was to develop from scetch to serial production an automatic calibration station for fuel tanks.

Technoton Engineering develops for its clients custom smart IoT hardware which collect and transmit data for telematics and automation application areas. The latest released development from Technoton Engineering is a wireless BLE fuel level sensor for automotive and industrial market.