Smart meter with Bluetooth - new case for wireless data monitoring

02 May, 2019
Wireless BLE smart meter development at Technoton Engineering

Technoton Engineering offers a wide range of opportunities for custom smart meter development. The latest coming to final verification project is a fuel flow BLE smart meter.

The main purpose of the BLE smart meter development is to connect a classical meter with new wireless technology.


New markets and application

Wireless low power technology in action

New functionality as added value

The project of the wireless BLE smart meter is unique and such smart meters are very demanded among integrators and automation companies.

Benefits of the wireless BLE smart meter

  • No wires. There is no need to use wires for power supply and data monitoring.
  • Smart. A meter uses fog/edge computing - MCU and built-in memory for keeping several counters, events detection, analytics and self-diagnostics.
  • Easy and cheaper monitoring. All data is processed and transmitted to a user mobile device (a smartphone or a laptop), so there is no need in high-cost external displays and HMI.
  • Maximize value with minimum changes. Smart Meter Platform from Technoton Engineering is developed to increase the added value of any classical meter. Electronic PCB with real-time embedded software is integrated with a primary measuring transducer without mechanical changes.


Do you still manufacture and sell outdated meters? Need custom smart meter development?


Since 2000 we partner with meter manufacturers. Technoton Engineering offers its development services to integrate value-added functionality, change data output interface, update a mechanical pointer display with a digital one and add wireless technologies.

To get our special offer for a concept prototype development or to know more about functionality and opportunities, please leave us a message.