Why metrology is so important while developing sensors and meters?

16 November, 2018
Metrology developing sensors and meters

To place Metrology on a development stage is a tactic to increase final product stability, measuring repeatability, shorter verification process and faster time-to-market.

Following the tactic, Technoton Engineering participated in a certification process for just developed new models of a level sensor and flowmeter. The accredited laboratory gave its proves very quickly and now new fuel level sensor and fuel flow meter can go to serial production.


When metrology is used on a development stage?

Developing measuring instruments, initial SoW (statement of work) should include information about reference standards. A newly developed product should meet regulatory requirements, document standards and specification. That is a metrologist job to figure out all requirements which should be put inside a SoW.

Another part of metrology is during initial verification. I develop verification algorithms and carry out complete verification process. When this work is done, all bugs are to be fixed by the development team and then first prototypes may be given to a client."

Ludmila Rutkovskaja

Chief Metrologist at Technoton Engineering


Essential metrological requirements to sensors and meter which are considered by the development team of Technoton Engineering.

— Repeatable accuracy

— Application in a different location or by a different user must result in the same measured values

— A measuring instrument must be designed to maintain adequate stability of its metrological characteristics over a period of time estimated by the manufacturer

— A measuring instrument must be designed to reduce as far as possible the effect of a defect that would lead to an inaccurate measurement result

— Protection against corruption


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