Safe OBD-II GPS tracker is on the market

12 December, 2018

Security comes first for every person and vehicle monitoring system. A new class of Safe OBD2 tracking & diagnostics dongle is being developed by Technoton Engineering.  It has a built-in hardware firewall to protect vehicle CAN bus electronic network from external interactions. 

There are a lot of highlights on the Internet about hacked cars:

  • Fiat Chrysler recalls 1.4 million cars after Jeep hack (news link);
  • Researchers remotely kill the engine of a moving car by hacking OBD2 car dongle from Bosch (news link);
  • How connected car can be influenced via the Internet - video case (news link).


Technoton Engineering, a prominent loT solutions developer, announces its OBD2 compact sized vehicle GPS tracker project coming to a final stage.

The first SAFE OBD2 GPS tracker supports one of the most popular protocol SAE J1939 and able to establish a TLS(SSL) secured connection between CAN bus and a Cloud. MQTT open source communication protocol makes it possible to connect with the most popular web platforms! 

SAFE OBD2 GPS tracker is secured from sending any malicious CAN messages.

Developed completely in-house on IoT Burger Custom Telematics Platform

SAFE OBD2 GPS tracker


There is even more to SAFE OBD2 GPS tracker:

01. Built-in data analytics with maximum data processing in a device

02. A flexible system of events configuration

03. Industrial grade components

04. Measurement and processing of "fast" processes

05. Configurable reports where it is selected which CAN bus data should be transmitted

06. A built-in system for ensuring data reliability (self-diagnosis, authorization)


SAFE OBD2 GPS tracker is offered on the market as a customized white label product or as a complete set of engineering documentation including PCB layout and embedded software.

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