Edge Computing vision at IoT Focus Tech Conference 2019

23 May, 2019
Technoton Engineering shows Edge Computing at IoT Focus 2019

Technoton Engineering is specializing in development of embedded software and hardware for vehicle telematics, industrial automation, Internet of Things (IoT). We offer unique IoT technologies and provide our customers with solutions to develop intelligent devices with Edge Computing.

Our demo booth at IoT Focus tech conference 2019 is dedicated to the application of Edge Computing in automotive telematics, but solutions are suitable for marine telemetry and industrial automation too. At the stand are presented - smart fuel level sensors, fuel flow meter, digital signal converters, CAN bus contactless data reader and a gateway to transmit ready-made reports via a GSM network. All devices are developed by our team and they are connected into a digital network. Such system allows monitoring both fuel consumption and comprehensively analyse a driver behaviour, technical state of a machine without interfering on original systems.

Edge Computing has recently gained tremendous popularity and is becoming a new trend in development of smart devices. And when new players appear on the market, Technoton Engineering team can already share their experience gained since 2000.


Edge Computing

In our understanding, Edge Computing is the ability to get more functionality and convenience from familiar tools and devices that are getting smarter. Thanks to Edge Computing, a telematics consumer gets useful, processed information.


Distinctive features of our developed projects in the field of IoT using Edge Computing

  • Fast data. Designed for real-time systems development
  • Reliability. Time-tested industrial-grade hardware and embedded software 
  • Intelligence. Data Processing and Data Analytics is onboard a device
  • Economy. Run computing on 32-bit ARM low-cost microprocessors
  • Low power. Keep power consumption low for stand-alone application
  • Flexibility. Desktop configuration software for easy product installation
  • Connectivity. Data transmission is done to a server or to an e-mail directly
  • User-friendly. Convert output data into preconfigured reports
  • Secured. Built-in Self-diagnosis, Authorization, and Impact control systems
  • Modular. Ready for custom intellectual product development