Technoton Engineering announces that the testing stage of the industrial telematics platform - ORF Telematics is finalized. The platform is tested as a part of a niche cloud application, developed for one of the customers.

IoT Product development is a type of the most responsible services where many issues should be put into consideration to meet your investment budget and to get a superstar product.

Today we introduce new hardware & software solution which is applied to water, gas, electricity, fuel and oil supervision during delivery and consumption – Remote metering system. Being a part of a smart resources grid system, it solves key challenges shared by utilities and consumers in terms of reliability, fast response and efficiency.

Remote metering system includes a customized web software, mobile application and a physical device.

Innovations and best practices in hardware development – that is the topic Technoton Engineering presents at Hardware Congress 3.0.

100% interactive stand with commercially successful products attracts visitors and creates topics for discussion about integration of edge computing, fast  prototype development.

New position sensor is a battery powered wireless telematics sensor, designed to measure axle load (cargo weight) on vehicles with a spring suspension.

Wireless position sensor is integrated into a fleet monitoring system and transmits data over Bluetooth radio channel. Now, when we discuss wireless telematics, we are talking about connectivity of telematics sensors with a range of other connected devices, including smartphones and wearables.

Technoton Engineering has enhanced GPS trackers and telematics gateways development process, and has expanded the scope of the toolchain that accompanies its hardware Telematics Platform.

GPS tracking, pre-configured reports generation, self-diagnostics, events detection, real-time feedback, incoming data logging & analytics, multi-level security, connectivity over 3G, NB-IoT, LTE, WiFi, BLE, MQTT support – just some of the advanced features Technoton Engineering is able to offer through the hardware Telematics Platform.