New position sensor is a battery powered wireless telematics sensor, designed to measure axle load (cargo weight) on vehicles with a spring suspension.

Wireless position sensor is integrated into a fleet monitoring system and transmits data over Bluetooth radio channel. Now, when we discuss wireless telematics, we are talking about connectivity of telematics sensors with a range of other connected devices, including smartphones and wearables.

Technoton Engineering has enhanced GPS trackers and telematics gateways development process, and has expanded the scope of the toolchain that accompanies its hardware Telematics Platform.

GPS tracking, pre-configured reports generation, self-diagnostics, events detection, real-time feedback, incoming data logging & analytics, multi-level security, connectivity over 3G, NB-IoT, LTE, WiFi, BLE, MQTT support – just some of the advanced features Technoton Engineering is able to offer through the hardware Telematics Platform.

Edge Computing has recently gained tremendous popularity and is becoming a new trend in development of smart devices. And when new players appear on the market, Technoton Engineering team can already share their experience gained since 2000.

Technoton Engineering offers a wide range of opportunities for custom smart meter development. The latest coming to final verification project is a fuel flow BLE smart meter.

The main purpose of the BLE smart meter development is to connect a classical meter with new wireless technology.


Smart meters enable an advanced step towards next-generation automation in which meters are linked into networks.

Technoton Engineering offers custom smart meter development services. For classical meters it opens fog/edge computing, ultra-low-power consumption and cutting edge connectivity.

Technoton Engineering boosts projects which are dedicated to wireless sensors development. Today the final testing development stage of BLE wireless pressure sensor has passed. 

Wireless BLE pressure sensor is a turn-key project which is done completely in-house by the team of our developers. Off-the-shelf product is targeted for application in such areas like industrial process monitoring, an automotive telematics system, off-road vehicles state monitoring, agriculture equipment and similar monitoring systems.