IoT Product Development - challenges in 2021

26 March, 2020
IoT Product Development - challenges in 2021

IoT Product development is a type of the most responsible services where many issues should be put into consideration to meet your investment budget and to get a superstar product.

Technoton Engineering works very closely with every client to deliver cutting edge technologies, device intelligence and optimized design for manufacturing. Our 20 years of field experience in development and manufacturing launch is an excellent reference to guaranty your product smooth development process.

Most recent challenges in 2021:

  • Hardware prototyping and design - Before going to full IoT product development we prototype a device. It helps our clients to verify functionality, show proof of concept to investors, participate in StartUp acceleration programs.
  • Adding connectivity: 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, NB-IoT, CAT-M1, WiFi, Bluetooth - We upgrade any existing or new product with communication interfaces and networking protocols. It opens IoT era for your products, allowing them to transmit real-time data to Internet Analytical Platforms, to use WiFi, Bluetooth technologies for wireless communication.
  • Adding intelligence at the Edge - This approach enhances the functionality of your IoT product and targeted on real-time market solutions. Embedded analytics opens functionality for both a manufacturer and an end consumer.
  • Enhance the user experience - The new way to collect data and interact with your product is to use a connection with a smartphone. This way opens an ability to monitor and to configure your product from a user-friendly interface.