2020 - Evolution in remote metering

20 February, 2020
Remote metering solution

Today we introduce new hardware & software solution which is applied to water, gas, electricity, fuel and oil supervision during delivery and consumption – Remote metering system. Being a part of a smart resources grid system, it solves key challenges shared by utilities and consumers in terms of reliability, fast response and efficiency.

Remote metering system includes a customized web software, mobile application and a physical device. The device is a stand-alone battery-powered solution with NB-IoT and Bluetooth connectivity designed as accurate resources consumption monitor with embedded analytics. It is ready to retrofit classical meters over pulse signal output and to be customized for integration inside a meter. Remote meter reading enables valuable new applications such as automated metering infrastructure, remote resource monitoring, tampering and theft prevention, leaks detection.

Remote metering system benefits for utilities include:

  • Lower operating cost – lowering transportation, medical and insurance cost as less personnel is required in the field. On-time and detailed data from meters uncovers problems quickly and reduces time to action.
  • Encourages economy – consumers can see their usage on a smartphone at any time within a range of Bluetooth connection. Usage statistics, leaks detection, faulty metering equipment detection – are just some efforts for the resource economy.
  • Next stage of customer service and satisfaction - utility can reduce downtime by detecting system problems like leaks or outages before a consumer reports them.
  • Support & customization by hardware & software engineers.

Application case - Water Meter Smart Flow Monitor

Smart Flow Monitor in water measurement is developed as a perfect tool for any water authority and consumer to get data from water meters thanks to new technologies and superior functionality!

01. NB-IoT | The comprehensive technology to transmit water usage data to the utility for generation of payment bills, consumption analytics and leaks detection. Besides, it sends alert messages and preconfigured reports to a consumer.

02. Bluetooth | This is the link to make a device configuration and to get actual water consumption on a mobile device.

03. Custom Alerts | Customized alerts for freeze and leak detection, tampering attempts, low battery power, smart water monitor malfunctions.

04. Statistics and live monitoring | Find the ways to reduce water bills by checking day, month, year water usage statistics as well as live water flow rate.

05. Open API for further automation | MQTT communication protocol allows integration with IoT platforms. Bluetooth API access makes your smart home automation run smoothly

Smart Flow Monitor for water meters

Key features of water meter Smart Flow Monitor

01. Data collect, analyse, store & transmit

  • Instant/total water usage of 1ˢᵗ meter
  • Instant/total water usage of 2ⁿᵈ meter
  • Summary instant/total water usage from the 1ˢᵗ and the 2ⁿᵈ meter
  • Total water consumption in different modes

02. Anomaly detect & alert

  • Leaks as analytical patterns
  • Leaks with an external sensor
  • Freezing condition
  • Anti-tampering system
  • Self-diagnostics

03. Smart features

  • Day, month, year usage statistics
  • Minimum, nominal and overload flow detection
  • Customized alerts
  • Support various pulse values

Technoton Engineering Remote Metering System with customization opportunity is offered as a white-label device, tailored cloud software and mobile application.

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