Fresh move to measure axle load - wireless position sensor

13 August, 2019
Wireless position sensor for axle load monitoring

New position sensor is a battery powered wireless telematics sensor, designed to measure axle load (cargo weight) on vehicles with a spring suspension.

Wireless position sensor is integrated into a fleet monitoring system and transmits data over Bluetooth radio channel. Now, when we discuss wireless telematics, we are talking about connectivity of telematics sensors with a range of other connected devices, including smartphones and wearables.

Wireless axle load sensor allows monitoring data by a driver from a smartphone and at the same time data may be received by a telematics gateway to transmit it further to a fleet management platform.

Sensor calibration, self-diagnostics, events detection, industrial grade components, high level of environment protection – just some of the advanced features Technoton Engineering is able to offer through the wireless telematics development projects.

Vehicle axle load sensor – project milestones and reached targets

  • Development of electronic PCB to convert analog signals into digital
  • BLE communication module with built-in antenna integration
  • Hardware and software optimization for battery power supply 
  • Events detection, analytical modules and self-diagnosis integration
  • Mobile application development for configuration, calibration and data monitoring

Axle load sensor features

01. Hardware design

  • Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity
  • Smartphones compatibility with Bluetooth 4.0 and above
  • High sensitivity and measurement accuracy
  • Temperature range from -40°C to +85°C
  • Long battery life 

02. Embedded software

  • Real-time OS
  • Customization of IoT Burger technology for a required functionality
  • Low power consumption MCU profile integration
  • Universal and TLS/SSH secured communication protocol
  • Wireless configuration support

03. Mobile App development

  • Remote calibration, configuration and monitoring
  • Position sensor self-diagnostics

 04. Mechanical engineering

  • Enclosure is machined from metal and plastic
  • Shock and vibration resistance
  • Harsh environment ready

05. Testing

  • Accuracy and repeatability
  • Temperature stability 
  • Static electricity protection
  • Wireless transmission distance

Technoton Engineering develops innovative and intelligent telematics solutions, based on the Internet of Things, to create an even more exciting journey for telematics than the one it has already been on.

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