Innovations and best practices at Hardware Congress 3.0

04 November, 2019

Innovations and best practices in hardware development – that is the topic Technoton Engineering presents at Hardware Congress 3.0.

100% interactive stand with commercially successful products attracts visitors and creates topics for discussion about integration of edge computing, fast prototype development.

The core of most projects Technoton Engineering does is the technology IoT Burger. It is used for own new intelligent hardware development and is offered at the market as a documented description of API, hardware, software with reference PCB design and firmware.

IoT Burger™ is a technology for smart products development, leveraging fog/edge computing possibilities into industrial and automotive areas. It is based on industrial-grade hardware and real-time embedded software. Today, there is a ready-to-use library of hardware & software functional modules, desktop configuration software, mobile applications for data monitoring and remote configuration, set of manufacturing and engineering standards for a new reliable product development.

We provide businesses with comprehensive development support: from advice to the engineering of an entire innovative product that collects data from the environment, processes and analyzes it and offers end-user tools for visualization. Taking advantage of our experience in engineering and manufacturing, we are ready to push forward your solutions from an avant-project to mass production.