Are your meters ready for smart grids and industry 4.0?

31 January, 2019

Smart meters enable an advanced step towards next-generation automation in which meters are linked into networks.

From 2000 we partner with manufacturers on the development of new flow meter types for industrial and automotive applications. Today, we managed to create the Smart Meter Platform that allows transformation of classical meters into smart IoT flow meters. For classical meters it opens fog/edge computing, ultra-low-power consumption and cutting edge connectivity.

End-users of smart flow meters praised new products for their application in new areas of process monitoring and control of complex machines, as well as integration possibility into current and new telematics systems.

Smart meter technology from Technoton Engineering is a win-win solution for smart grids and Industry 4.0

Smart flow meter by Technoton Engineering

Classical meters

Classical meters ready for smart meter transformation by Technoton Engineering

Smart meter technology

Smart meter technology from Technoton Engineering
  • Flow rate, temperature, time of operation measurement and logging
  • Thermal correction
  • Configurable user events
  • Service manufacturer events
  • Self-diagnostics
  • ARM® Cortex®-M3, M4 families of MCU
  • Display support
  • Protection from conductive interference, EMC
  • Battery or mixed power support
  • Temperature range -40C0 ... +85C0

New opportunities

NB-IoT smart flow meter

  • up to 10 years on battery
  • MQTT communication protocol
  • configurable reports
  • cross - Cloud support

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) flow meter

  • up to 5 years on battery
  • built-in flow computer
  • mobile App support

CAN bus smart flow meter

  • J1939, NMEA2000 support
  • built-in flow computer
  • differential counting mode

* Custom flow meter development

  • customized interface, protocol, display, power supply, calculating algorithms, predictive analytics


Value proposition for a manufacturer

01. New market segments and increased company competitiveness

System approach to measurement, signals processing, data analyzing allow solving completely new tasks.

02. Single core for a flow meter product range

Library of subprograms and drivers together with time tested hardware provide a simple way to create a product range with a verity of functionality and applications in automotive and industrial IoT (IIoT) areas.

03. Reliable smart meters from idea to production

Reliability is reached from the 1st prototype with industrial grade hardware and time tested embedded software. Prototypes pass through testing like EMC, temperature, humidity and other types of metrology technique.

04. Ready to mass production

There are technological hardware and software for group testing, calibration and configuration. Smart metering development technology is created by the team with 18+ years of experience in mass production launch.



100+ models of smart flow meters since 2000 for industrial and automotive application. 


Smart flow meter technology, use case from Technoton Engineering
Smart flow meter technology, use case from Technoton Engineering
Smart flow meter technology, use case from Technoton Engineering

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