Universal CAN bus Display. Highly flexible CAN tool for J1939 monitoring.

15 May, 2018

Universal CAN bus Display

Technoton Engineering is synonymous to specialized developments of sophisticated technical projects with fog/edge computing. Revolutionizing the flexible CAN bus instrumentation, Technoton Engineering delivers an enhanced experience for CAN bus data visualization.


By integrating IoT Burger computing platform in combination with our expertise and CAN bus knowledge, we`ve developed a unique CAN bus Display."

Vladimir Shalak

CTO at Technoton Engineering


CAN Display is the flexible CAN tool developed for data visualization from analogue, frequency inputs and/or CAN bus (SAE J1939). CAN Display may be precisely configured to meet specific needs and is simple to expand whenever required. Thanks to the powerful desktop Service software it is exceptionally convenient to set up by choosing which of 3000+ parameters should be monitored from J1939 CAN bus.

To meet rapid development process was used the IoT Burger platform. That helped the team to make one real-time hardware for four application areas of the CAN Display:

  • Commercial vehicles
  • Construction and agriculture machines
  • Marine fleet
  • Universal J1939 dashboards

In addition, CAN Display supports personalization (allows icons to be defined) and readability (display is designed for high definition).

Also our Software and Hardware Engineering team can build custom applications for you, from adding proprietary CAN bus J1939 parameters to changing display or house size.

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