Fuel level BLE wireless sensor

20 August, 2018
Fuel level BLE wireless sensor

Technoton Engineering develops for its clients custom smart IoT hardware which collect and transmit data for telematics and automation application areas. The latest released development from Technoton Engineering is a wireless BLE fuel level sensor for automotive and industrial market.

Technology is moving fast to make the world smarter, device by device. New devices and prototypes constantly arise to create new market segments. Technological evolution in Bluetooth has led to the emergence of Bluetooth Smart or also known as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). BLE is low power with low data rate wireless standard that is used to efficiently transfer a small amount of data by a stand-alone battery powered sensor.

BLE wireless sensor from Technoton Engineering is powered by Lithium (Li-SOCI2) battery with a temperature range from -55 to +85C°. Together with automotive grade components BLE sensor is prepared for harsh environment. The measuring electronic part of the smart level sensor has been significantly redesigned during the development to meet low power consumption requirements. Thanks to all tweaks and innovations the development team has managed to reach estimated battery life for 11 years, that significantly exceeds customer requirements in 3 years.

BLE sensor sends its data to all BLE compatible devices. Among compatible devices are terminals and gateways with Bluetooth 4.0 modules installed and that handle open source communication protocol. Another way to see data is a developed and available at Google Play Market application for smartphones on Android. The application now represents the power of IoT Burger functionality. The App may check operating mode, data flow and handles service purposes.

BLE level sensor Android application

While new BLE sensor is on a final verification & validation stage and manufacturing is preparing for serial production, Technoton Engineering is ready to finalize one more project of the vehicle telematics BLE sensor that doesn`t have analogs on the world. A trend to BLE sensors grows because Bluetooth technologies are becoming accessible and save a lot of wiring cost. Other reasons are that BLE sensors are cheaper to install and easy to maintain. In addition to this, it should also be noted that BLE sensor networks are scalable and flexible.

From idea to serial production launch, Technoton Engineering develops cutting edge IoT smart sensors. You are welcome for a free quote!