NB-IoT | CAT-M1 | BLE pressure sensor design

Technoton Engineering design battery powered NB-IoT/CAT-M1/BLE pressure sensors with smart functionality and wireless connectivity. We combine fast new product development together with high reliability from a first prototype. It`s possible thanks to our expertise in similar industrial and automotive projects. We offer time-tested PCBs, BLE modules, embedded real-time software with analytics and diagnostics, mobile applications, desktop configuration software and technological manufacturing equipment.

We design pressure sensors for vehicle telematics systems and various OEM applications.



Expert area for NB-IoT/CAT-M1 and BLE pressure sensor design fits applications

  • industrial process monitoring
  • automotive telematics
  • marine telematics
  • off-road vehicle state monitoring
  • agriculture equipment operational monitoring 
  • other similar monitoring systems

Tailored pressure sensor features

01. Hardware design

  • Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity
  • NB-IoT and CAT-M1 technology integration 
  • Measurement accuracy not lower 99%
  • Temperature range from -40C to +85C 
  • Long battery life with high data transmission rate

02. Embedded software

  • Real-time OS
  • Customization of IoT Burger technology for a required functionality
  • Low power consumption MCU profile integration
  • Universal and TLS/SSH secured communication protocol
  • Wireless configuration support

03. Mobile App development

  • Remote configuration and monitoring
  • Pressure sensor self-diagnostics logging

 04. Mechanical engineering

  • Enclosure is machined from metal (changabled at request)
  • Shock and vibration resistance
  • Hermetic seal between the sensor and the enclosure
  • Harsh environment ready

05. Testing

  • Accuracy and repeatability
  • Temperature stability 
  • Static electricity protection
  • Wireless transmission distance

Designed on IoT Burger technology

  • Reducing the requirements for cloud applications + saving on the development of analytical software
  • Ability to completely refuse from cloud software
  • Definite data interpretation (firmware, cloud representation, documentation)
  • Rapid functionality build-up for special requests
  • Build-in data reliability ensuring system
  • Adapted and tested to operate in a harsh environment
  • The ability to build a model line on a single hardware platform due to flexible settings


BLE | NB-IoT | CAT-M1 air pressure sensor

BLE | NB-IoT | CAT-M1 air pressure sensor

NB-IOT | CAT-M1 | BLE pressure sensor by Technoton Engineering

Project of NB-IOT | CAT-M1 | BLE pressure sensor design is usually accompanied with the following services, depending on the client's needs:

  • enclosure development
  • mechanical engineering
  • hardware customization (adding interfaces, changing the power supply, selection of a communication module)
  • adapting the embedded software
  • making samples
  • running verification tests

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