J1939 to MQTT Gateway

J1939 to MQTT Gateway is an original electronic device that allows fleet management solution providers, developers, and system integrators to collect telemetry data from CAN bus. All useful telematics data may be collected into a configurable report and transmitted to a cloud via MQTT communication protocol.

Technoton Engineering, a prominent loT products developer, announces its concept which is built on telematics platform (industrial grade hardware & embedded software). J1939 to MQTT gateway is a scalable and modular custom telematics platform based on low-cost MCU, which can be customized optimally to a vehicle or industrial application by individual configuration. 


What is the value proposition?

01. J1939 to MQTT Gateway enables various connected vehicles applications and guarantee flexibility in data exchange between a vehicle and IoT ecosystem.

02. Modular hardware platform scales from OBD telematics unit to a full-featured high-tech telematics connectivity solution.

03. Integrated database of 3500+ standardized parameters which may be monitored in J1939 CANbus.

04. CAN bus parameters are put in a configured report and transmitted to a cloud via a TLS/SSL secured MQTT channel.

05. Reports may be transmitted on a schedule or on a preconfigured event too. 

What are market opportunities for J1939 to MQTT gateway?

  • Advanced telematics control unit with GPS, GSM, J1939 CAN bus support;
  • Vehicle tracking device with low-cost industrial-grade components and universal connectivity to a cloud over MQTT;
  • OBD2 tracking device to transmit up to 3500 parameters of a vehicle to a cloud over MQTT.

How can Technoton Engineering assist in J1939 gateway development?

The loT boom has inspired the industry players to provide the next generation of connectivity and safety.

So new various requirements have emerged and been implemented in the hardware telematics platform:

  1. Fast Reliable & Safe product development
  2. Real-time vehicle CAN data monitoring
  3. Onboard data preprocessing
  4. A-GPS support for fast accurate tracking
  5. 2G / 3G / NB-IoT connectivity with data storage when a device is inside GSM blind areas
  6. Use secured TLS/SSL communication channel MQTT

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