Interface converter - J1939 I/O module development

An advanced solution for use in automation systems, networks consisting of analog and digital sensors, control units, communication modules. Being a valuable part of the modular architecture and edge computing, the smart interface converter solves problem of step by step digitalization of conservative analog technologies.

A proven solution is widely used in measuring, diagnostic and telematics IoT real-time systems when analog sensors are connected to digital networks, as well as analog dashboards to a digital infrastructure.

Operation modes of smart interface converter

Interface converter - J1939 I/O module development

01. Digital to analog gateway

Digital data (PGN) receiving from CAN bus, necessary parameters (SPN) selection, SPN conversion into analog signals (voltage, frequency, current, discrete, resistive) and transmission in the selected form.

02. Analog signal collector-converter

Analog signal conversion (voltage, frequency) according to digital data (SPN) settings followed by transmission in the generated (PGN) to the telematics interface

03. Combined

Simultaneous operation in the form of a digital-analog gateway and an analog-to-analog converter

The ready hardware-software solution of the smart I/O module is customizable and is suitable for solving most problems when creating a modern intelligent system.

Features of the ready software & hardware solution 

  • A convenient program for setting operating modes
  • Identification of passport data of the I/O module
  • Logging of active and passive faults
  • A configurable digital interface for transferring selected parameters from a 3000+ database
  • I/O support: discrete, current, resistive, voltage, frequency

Smart interface converter solution set includes detailed design documentation, a user manual template, a software pack for configuration and status control.

Developed to be compatible to S6 technology: any peripheral devices that have an interface S6 (other flowmeters, level sensors, telematics gateways and etc.) can be connected.

Purchase of the smart interface converter is usually accompanied with the following services, depending on the client's needs:

  • smart converter house development
  • hardware customization (adding interfaces, changing the power supply, selection of a communication module)
  • adapting the embedded software
  • making samples
  • verification tests