NB-IoT smart water meter. Residential

Powered by IoT Burger technology, NB-IoT Smart Flow Meter collects raw signals and delivers preprocessed data directly to decision makers. Water flow meter designed for water utilities, commercial and residential applications to provide automatic data collection & processing, data security, improved billing and accounting, reduced operational costs.

NB-IoT water meter is a tool for direct measurement of water consumption, which is used as a part of water metering system, water telematics system or as a stand-alone (autonomous) solution for water consumption monitoring.  NB IoT water meter establishes direct GSM connection using NB-IoT technology to a server over a secured MQTT protocol.

NB-IoT smart water meter is developed on Smart Meter Platform using out smart meter technologies. It can be used as a development base for a residential smart water flow meter where there is a need in IoT metering technologies.

NB-IoT smart water meter. Residential. By Technoton Engineering

Key features of the NB-IoT smart water meter:

  • Acquires signals from a primary transducer
  • Preprocesses raw data (linearization, filtration, thermal correction, analytics)
  • Manages and reports useful data such as total and instant flow rate, metering time on min/optimal/overload, battery level, temperature
  • Detection of water consumption modes with separate counters for each mode
  • Secured connection to a cloud/server using NB-IoT technology with MQTT protocol
  • Extraordinary events can be sent to SMS and E-mail
  • Secured 3 levels of access to calibrate, configure and service check
  • Self-diagnostics including a device e-passport
  • Stand-alone application with 7+ years battery life

Water consumption and operating time Counters

Water consumption

  • Instant/total water consumption, L/H
  • Total water consumption in different modes
  • Instant/total hourly water consumption in HOT line
  • Instant/total hourly water consumption in COLD line

 Water meter operating time

  • Total operating time, h
  • Total operation time in different modes (Optimal, Lower Optimal, Higher Optimal)
  • Total operating time of HOT meter
  • Total operating time of COLD meter

Residential smart water meter is a concept that may be developed for mass production launch.