1st in class MQTT smart level sensor

02 April, 2018

1st in class MQTT smart level sensor


One more innovative step is done by the engineering team this week. The first in world fuel smart level sensor with MQTT protocol support was released. 

The project target was to update the smart sensor platform with  MQTT protocol. As the result from now, any new developed IIoT smart sensor supports connection to famous IoT platforms: Watson, Azure, Google IoT, AWS and others.

Edge computing Smart Sensor Platform from Technoton Engineering is developed to use analytical embedded software and a secured connectivity.

Smart sensor platform is a set of time tested hardware components, functional embedded software and communication capabilities. It`s used for rapid new sensor development saving up to 90% time on R&D.

MQTT has been gaining momentum in recent years since the Internet of Things became a solution for Connected Car, Smart City, Industry 4.0 etc.

MQTT features:

  • fast response and throughput
  • low battery and bandwidth usage
  • allows establishing secure connections over TLS/SSL
  • open source and standard

Technoton Engineering on IBM Watson IoT

Successful tests of the smart fuel level sensor show that IIoT smart sensors developed by Technoton Engineering capable to be independent of PLC, additional GSM gateways or hubs, trackers.

This fact makes it possible to build low cost monitoring systems for Fleet Management, Remote Telemetry & Diagnostics and other applications.

Companies and investors are invited to establish partnership in a development of new smart sensors with MQTT support.

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