New tool for CAN device development with no efforts

27 February, 2018

Technoton Engineering releases a new version of an ultimate tool for CAN bus systems analysis and simulation.

CAN bus analyzer, simulator, sniffer is a set of a functional hardware and software that supports R&D teams in CAN device development process. It conducts in all development tasks starting from early test and simulation phases up to final product verification. Meanwhile, it can be used as a solution for reverse engineering when it`s needed to sniff a RAW data and to find a specific information in the CAN bus.

The new version of the hardware and software can reduce complexity and add speed to the development process. Moreover, it`s a comprehensive and professional CAN bus testing tool, which is integrated with network traffic analyzer and sniffer, protocol analyzer and reliability testing tool. It helps user to quickly locate faulty nodes and solve most problems concerning the CAN bus application. 

CAN bus analyzer, simulator, sniffer


01. Safe connection to CAN bus

02. CAN 2.0 supported with 29 and 11 bytes CAN ID

03. Maximum CAN data TX/RX level - 1Mbyte/s

04. USB connection to PC



01. J1939 CAN data capture and logging

02. Message tracing

03. Message generation

04. Message filtering

New CAN Tool from Technoton Engineering - is the result of years of expertise in the development of CAN devices.


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